Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year

I spent a quiet new year's eve with my boyfriend watching tv. I'm very grateful to be able to say those words. I've had exciting new years' eves, and sad ones, and lonely ones, and over-stimulated ones, and boring ones, and familial ones. I'm not sure I believe any of the popular sayings about new years and its oracular effect upon the year: I felt no omens last night. But I was happy, and while I'm focusing on the selfish, may the rest of the year pass this way.

My prayers for the new year for my self:
Finding a new job/career
Restoring my spiritual center
Maintaining good health
Deepening my relationship(s)
Listening to lots of great music
Getting rid of some stuff
Continuing to rebuild my stamp collection
Doing something creative
Being happy
Spending time with my loved ones
Spending time honoring my ancestors and spirit guides
Good health and happiness for my mom, my boyfriend, my friends, my cats

My prayers for the world:
peace peace peace
no new wars or invasions, not even in Darfur, despite many peoples' good intentions
may the democrats not turn out as evil as the republicans
gay marriage in new york
hope for the palestinians
no terrorism in new york or anywhere
may God save us from Rudy Giuliani or McCain as president
may God protect Cuba, and even North Korea and Iran from the US

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