Tuesday, February 13, 2007

neo-imperialism at play

some miscellaneous tidbits of "good" news:

While I wouldn't be shocked to learn tomorrow it's all fallen through, North Korea has now been bullied into surrendering energy independence for dependence on polluting fossil fuels and the charity of the west.

I'm heartened to see all the suspicion over the bush regime's pathetic attempt to link Iran to the insurgency in Iraq. Uh, the shi'ites are "our" allies, dude, the government. The insurgents, those would be the ones allied to Saudi Arabia, oh, "our" ally as well. Um, yeah, makes sense. Remember the reichstag fire.

Bombings and assassinations in Lebanon: Um, go watch "Munich" and explain to me why the bombings and the assasinations of the past few years are the work of alleged pro-Syrian elements and not the Israeli mossad?

Imperialist patsy prime minister Howard of Australia says that Al Qaeda would be happy to see Barack Obama win. Hmmm, is Karl Rove vacationing down under? The nerve. As near as I can tell, Obama rocks. Blessed indeed.

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