Wednesday, August 22, 2007

scarlet menace updates

Here's some new Scarlet Menace stuff. One of my favorite recently-found images is a Chinese poster of revolutionaries in 1965 Santo Domingo, resisting the little-remembered US invasion. I've fussed with it and plastered it all over a bunch of Cafepress stuff and inaugurated my Hasta La Victoria Siempre section of Latin-American related items.

I've expanded the Anti-War section with materials featuring a Chinese poster dating from the Anti-Vietnam-War struggle, with a lot of English in the poster. These items are available with the image plain as shown or backed with the slogan "Iraq Is Arabic For Vietnam." And as promised I've placed the Iranian-based image on a number of items. (In the Axis of Evil section this US Flag design is also available in it's original "Down with the USA" version.

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