Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello Imperialism!

If you know me you know of my inexplicable weakness for the iconic Japanese universe of Hello Kitty. Something about the simple bold line of its graphic sensibility and its bright color palette really works for me, despite my general loathing of brainwashing little girls with corporate sameness. Maybe I'm just gullible to Hello Kitty in a way I'm not to My Pretty Pony or Barbie.

Anyway it's not exactly tribute nor parody but I finished my design for my two Scarlet Menace calendars for 2008, and one of them is aptly entitled "Hello Imperialism!" with a cartoony graphic style based on bright un-communist gradients and Chinese cultural revolution comic book elements. The second is my Cold War Veteran's "Dead Dictator Chic" calendar and features a more traditional take on Stalin/Lenin/Mao/Kim Il Sung with a socialist realist sensibility. Both of these, as well as some accessorizable tee-shirts matching the calendars can be found here!
There's some other new stuff in there so shop around.

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