Tuesday, September 11, 2007

time for a war on terror

Last week a block in Baghdad was levelled. Foreign fighters called in airstrikes when they were unable to seize some local partisans opposing the terrorist occupation of their city. At least one whole family--one innocent collection of women, children, men--were struck down and killed by the air raid.

Every week the NY Times shows pictures of Iraqi families trying to live their lives when foreign fighters seize their houses for barracks or merely for the sport of looking at all their belongings and watching to see if they make a false move while eating breakfast.

Every week hundreds of innocent people are killed inIraq because of the actions of a major foreign terrorist leader who, unprovoked, attacked the country, destroyed its infrastructure, and then has dictated how its people might live.

It's September 11. Six years after a small number of deluded criminals killed almost three thousand innocent people. Sadly, this was the start of the killing. In response to the actions of these criminals the most powerful terrorist nation on earth decided that every day would be September 11. Every day in Iraq, in Afghanistan, innocent people are murdered by the actions of this mighty terrorist nation.

I remember how awful September 11 was. How the week that followed was grim and mournful, how breaking into tears was just sonmething you had to do. But now I am numb, because, yes, I live in the powerful terrorist nation that has inflicted its ignorant careless rage on the middle east. I live in the nation that has sent its fighters to smash into the homes of innocent people; to level blocks of cities, to arrest and torture thousands, to kill--or allow to be killed--hundreds of thousands, yes many many times the number of precious Americans lost six years ago. I know how awful it must be to live in Iraq and experience the pain of that beautiful September day every new day for six years.

My nation is held captive by a brutal terrorist leader whose name is George Bush. He and his accomplices--who are legion--have no shame in lying and cheating and robbing and killing under their false flag of corporate democracy. Their armies of occupation, their high-tech war machine, their airstrikes, their soldiers stomping through the houses of innocents, their web of deception and ignorance, their greedy duplicitous politicians, their clubhouse of rapacious corporations: these are the true terrorist evil threatening the world today.

It is time for a war of peace-loving decent people to end this terror. The empire must fall. Stop the war; stop the murder of innocents. U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan and Africa...now! No more Bush, never again.


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