Friday, October 12, 2007

A Message to America

7 years ago just under half of you (and more importantly, just over half of your Supreme Court Justices) chose between two men. The first choice was a man who would attack another sovereign nation unprovoked, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands. He would lie, cheat, and undermine the US constitution. He would fill his regime with corporate cronies intent only on unrestrained greed and corporate profit. He would seek to cirmcumvent and destroy good-faith treaties between nations. He would inspire and enourage bigotry and religious hypocrisy. He would use the bully's tools of bluster and swagger instead of logic and fact. He would pretend to fight so-called terrorism while diverting precious resources to folly. He would ignore the warnings of scientists and others, resulting in long-term ecological damage on the one hand and callous cruelty to natural disaster victims on the other. He would harness law to the dictates of a narrow, bigoted, and medieval version of religious faith. He would nourish a bigoted and intolerant streak in political and press culture, and encourage character assassination. He would cozy up to dictators and toy with torture and repression.

The second choice was a man who would go on to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

George Bush vs. Al Gore. You know what, America? You can go fuck yourselves.

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