Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You Have To Want It To Be Different

Barack Obama delivered an important speech today on race in America and the racial issues surrounding his campaign.

There's a couple things in his speech I disagree with, but I have to say I am truly impressed with it. In the face of all the Hillary Clinton supporters flinging mud and negativity at his campaign, Obama consistently makes the same point over and over again: if you want change to come, you have to find common ground to stand with all people and make the effort to make things different.

Having watched a few of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speeches floating around on the internets (and one can guess which campaign is helping to distribute these) I'm struck by how wide the gulf is between those who share Rev. Wright's point of view--and frankly I find far more to agree with in his fiery sermons than to disagree with--and those who are offended by them. I think Obama has struck an important balance in his approach to this controversy.

As a person with strong beliefs far to the left of the general point of view, I'm willing to set my disbelief and distrust aside and say I will vote for this man, with hope, and optimism. I call on those with opinions far to the right of me, or of Barack Obama even, to meet me in that middle ground.

I don't agree with Obama's statement herein on Israel; but you know what? Somebody with my beliefs on the middle east isn't going to be elected president of the united states.

It is so time for change, and Barack Obama is perhaps the only person who can deliver us from the dire precipice we find ourselves on.

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