Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bitter? Damn right I'm bitter.

So Barack Obama said that voters in Pennsylvania have become bitter over years of failed promises. War criminal lunatic McCain and my (hah!) senator Clinton are condemning him for being an elitist, for not saying that Pennsylvania voters are optimistic.

Well well well. Let's talk about bitter. Let's talk about elitist. Let's talk about optimism.

Laid off after giving 16 years to a single company because of a crappy economy and because american corporate culture is closer to that of medieval feudalism than 21st-century democracy? You bet I'm bitter. Reading the news and reading casualty reports of an american war, and seeing pictures of americans smashing in the doors of innocent civilians and bombing the fuck out of a country just like the vietnam war I witnessed in my childhood? you bet I'm bitter. A senator who has nothing better to do but feather her own multi-million dollar nest, support fascistic resolutions against flag burning, war against Iraq and threats against Iran, who coddles the racist swine of the zionist movement like they were tonguing her asshole? You bet I'm bitter. A president who has in eight years nearly destroyed the constitution, yes I'm bitter. A population who has been hypnotized into thinking voting for American Idol is more important than voting for President, who re-elected Bush and is actually considering voting for a senile right-wing pig like McCain? You bet I'm bitter.

A presidential candidate who sat on the board of Wal-Mart for 5 years and who, with her husband, made ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS in seven years dares to call someone ELSE elitist? You bet I'm bitter. Who has danced around flinging shit and negativity and had her surrogates toy with racism and loaded language and she has the nerve to say now that Obama doesn't understand how OPTIMISTIC the voters are? Yeah I'm fucking bitter.

A man running for PRESIDENT who doesn't even understand who is fighting who in the war he suggests continue for A HUNDRED YEARS and people are gonna vote for him and he says Obama is OUT OF TOUCH? Jesus H fucking Christ.

I don't know how Obama does it. To stay so positive, to avoid getting sucked into this swamp of disguting garbage. I admire him. Me, I want to set something on fire. Maybe I'm just gonna go back to listening to jazz. Better for my heart.

Vote for Obama. Your life depends on it. Heck MY life depends on it.

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