Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Little Reality Check

So after his briliant speech last night, upon his apparent win of the Democratic Party nomination, Obama today joined the parade of politicians kowtowing before the (conservative, republican) zionist confab AIPAC.

Sadly, Obama said noxious things like Jerusalem must remain "undivided" and the capital of Israel, and went out of his way to show his support of Jews by showing his support of toughness for Israel and against its victims, er, opponents.

One of the tragedies of Israel is what it has done to the America's Jews. The Jewish political establishment is no longer an institution of social justice or labor; it's a cheering section for the vile and racist zionist settler state. Just as America is turned blind to the racism, futility and organized-crime-enablement of the war on drugs, so does this knee-jerk support of Israel turn peace-loving people into the allies of monsters who use cluster bombs, apartheid/nazi style ghettos, nazi-style collective punishment, ethnic cleansing, land-stealing, and military confrontation.

I'm glad Obama says he "supports the Jews" but I am horrified that he is doing the same old dance of stupidity to the orchestra of Zionism. One should not need to prostrate oneself before the state of Israel to show one's commitment to social justice for all American ethnic groups. No matter how much Obama is forced to grovel, these war-mongering conservative Zionists will not support him anyway; they are too poisoned by their cheerleading of the up-is-down politics of Zionism. They have moved on from the civil rights movement and the black-Jewish alliance of old time social justice.

On the other hand, since I don't really believe in a two-state solution, I guess Jerusalem should remain undivided. As capital of a democratic and secular state of Palestine, open to all its Muslim, Christian and Jewish residents. One can only hope.

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