Friday, January 02, 2009

No Happy New Year in Palestine

The Zionist murder rampage in Gaza continues.

The parade of lying Israeli politicians continues.

In order to assassinate one Hamas leader--without trial, without jury, without verdict--the Israelis murdered everyone in his block: men, women, children. Such terrorism and collective punishment has not been seen since, I will say it, the terror of the Nazis in Europe. Confronted with the murder of these children, the Israeli unapologists say, "we blame Hamas for the deaths of civilians." Disgusting.


In brighter news, the Cuban revolution has now survived fifty years, despite repeated provocation and blockade from the mightiest imperialist nation on the planet, which is also its very bad neighbor. Long may the flag of Cuban freedom wave.


  1. thank you for standing up to logical basic human tenets and your comments on JMG.

  2. somebody's gotta do it!

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