Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New York Post = Racism Unleashed

This speaks for itself. This paper's offices should be burned to the ground. This cartoonist is long known as a anti-gay bigot of the worst type. Now he turns his "humor" on President Obama. The editorial board of the paper has defended the racist caricaturist, Sean Delonas.


  1. Hey Ish, my you are one busy bloggin dude - well I told you in one of my Nine Sisters comments that I was starting a music blog - well the parade has begun:
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  2. Hey KingCake. I will check out your blog and give you a link on IleOxumare. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  3. Hey ish, You know I just took a good look at this cartoon and wow am I offended! Unbelievable that they would publish this garbage!

    Just wanted to say drop me an email so I can shoot you that Magnolias link - or I suppose I could leave it here and you could just not publish - your call