Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Notes on opposition

Just a comment duped here, forworking into something. I'm frustrated as hell at the current trahectory of the gay community. It's a timeof such promise but it's being so seriously mislead. Anyway, from a comment I wrote on a blog:

You and many many other blog commenters with your same bullying tone and lack of substantial argument have in fact made numerous expressions of buyer's remorse for Obama and nostalgic note of your previous support of Hillary Clinton. I'm not inventing that.

I'm not actually negating any of the community's frustration, which is obvious. What I am negating is this hyped-up campaign of hyperbole, led by people who never actually supported Obama in the first place, for reasons that were as questionable then as they are now.

What I call upon the community to recognize is the dangerous trajectory that you Obama haters (and yes that's what you are "Michael") are playing with as you attempt to steer a frustrated community into open opposition to the Obama presidency.

Rachel Maddow may be enjoyable entertainment but the community led by a TV network's quest for ratings and popularity is one that will soon find itself floundering and leaderless. Rachel Maddow is not our community's leader, and nor should be the defeated Hillaryites who sensing blood in the water have come back to feed. They offer no real solution and their leadership will end in tragedy for our community as what POSES LIKE righteous opposition soon turns bitter into eventual rightward drift.

If you think I am making that up look at what has happened in many gay communities in Europe where squeaky clean and tidy Eurofascism has found acceptance among a privileged white layer that now includes some gays.

I'm frustrated with a lot of what Obama has done or not done. But the battlelines are clear for all to see, and I am not eager to stand with the wingnuts and American religious fascists who are mobilizing against not only the centrist Obama as he is, but the symbolic Obama we voted for with the (as yet) unfulfilled promises.

Which side are you on?

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