Thursday, July 23, 2009

Healthcare is a right

I'm amazed sometimes at the gulf between my own values and those of what seem to be a sizable portion of this country's population. Here we have yet another racist image being circulated among the Republican right-wing mob that neatly ties its ugly racist ignorance to the mind-bogglingly ignorant campaign against healthcare reform.

Why are these knuckle-dragging dolts so beholden to the existing healthcare system that makes the US a sicker, shorter-lived, and poorer nation than those with progressive national health services? Why are they so anxious to sacrifice their health and their money to an industry designed foremost not to provide affordable healthcare but TO MAKE A PROFIT FOR ITS SHAREHOLDERS?. It just doesn't add up.

Well this graphic provides vital insight into their real motives: we don't want nothing to do with that communist ni**er.

This country desperately needs national healthcare: not better insurance but better healthcare. Sadly, it looks like all we may get, if we're very very lucky, are a few regulations on the obscenity that is insurance.

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