Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anti-American Art

I'm not sure when this one is from, but I'm guessing ca. Korean War. A Chinese People's Liberation Army hero holds a bayonetted rifle; strung on the bayonet are a Japanese flag, a Kuomintang (Chinese nationalist) flag, and a US helmet, signifying China's serial victories. It's convenient for everybody to "forget" that the Korean war was really a war between the United States and China acted out on the stage of Korea. It's also convenient to forget that nobody actually "won" that war.


  1. This is great.I wish I could find a book I had with dance posters in it that had Ballerinas in Blue uniforms with Rifles.Can't say I am enamored by the Cultural Revoltution but it made some great kitschy poster art.Actually all political posters
    of all persuasion make for great art since no matter the politics you are appealing to the heroic or fears.Pure emotion graphically.

  2. Chazz that's exactly right! As near as I can tell the cultural revolution did some horrible things but the art is so compelling.

    I know those pics of the dancing soldiers...amazing.