Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

Today is the day for celebrating the brave voyager to the new world...who cut off the hands of the indigenous Arawak tribes for not giving the Spanish enough gold.


  1. BTW this was fine article and I have to read more of your non-music blog(s).I wonder with effective anti-virals if people are being safe enough.New reports of young gay male infection are alarming.I also wonder what Retrovir and other meds have done to basic research on further treatments.I fear that one day the arsenal will lose efficacy and we'll be back where we are.One of the very few Bush proclamation was that HIV was a "security issue" and got soem funding in Africa even if back home we had to have the Ryan White face on issue to make people think humanely at all.And now with marriage props going down in state after state you have to think it's only the gay community and now maybe Muslims who can openly hated without code worlds like "welfare recipients".International bankers","undocumented" etc which soften the hatred.I know one skinhead who got out and went on speaking tour and said for Blacks,Jews, etc you need to use code words but if you said outright "kill fags" it went by without a problem.I don't think "Will and Grace" or Bravo programs are much success.Now with economic wipeout by the free-market fetishist you wonder if Obama is going to lead us to a new polity or if there will be a backlash.Depressing but one can't lose optimism and hope.

  2. Great comment. It seems sometimes like it could definitely go either way, couldn't it?