Wednesday, December 02, 2009

US Out of Afghanistan!

President Obama is wrong. The continuation of the war in Afghanistan will solve nothing. More people will die: if some of them are would-be "terrorists" more of them will be innocents. Irreplaceable innocents.

Afghanistan has a complicated recent history, proving nothing so much as the continued meddling of "great powers" outside their borders brings home a legacy of death and misery: both for those in the nations wrecked by the tracks of tanks and the stench of gunpowder and blood and for the citizenry of those in the "great powers" themselves faced with the backwash of terrorism and the threat of economic collapse.

The President was the first "peace" candidate to win his office campaigning against a war; and while it must be said Obama never pledged to withdraw from Afghanistan as he did from Iraq, he has clearly failed to follow through with that mandate of a war-weary American population.

The troops need to come home; all of them.

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