Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anti-American Art: Brawn vs. Naval Blockade

This Soviet poster dates back to 1956, to the blockade of Port Said, Egypt, during the 1956 Egypt-Israeli war. Here the enemy is the navy of the US and the UK; and the hero is a muscled rifle-bearing bedouin. My Russian is rusty but it says something like "Stop the Aggressors!" Interesting to me that this piece of propaganda from the height of the cold war is purely nationalist in its appeal: no workers or red banners this time.

Oh yeah, and you can get this one on a tee-shirt or mug!


  1. i noticed ALL muslim bloggs have that "visible after owner approval".
    i am a friend of Islam & a Dr. but i have to wonder sometimes WHY it's always like this with you guys? SCARED?

    Pedro (L)(L)(L)

  2. Pedro it's ludicrous of you to describe this as a muslim blog.

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