Monday, March 29, 2010

Anti-American Propaganda: If Going to the Dentist Is Torture, Then This Is Ridiculous

From a series of paintings from a North Korean museum accusing the American forces of commiting atrocities against Korean civilians during the Korean war comes this depiction of diabolical GIs inflicing dental torture on a Korean civilian, presumably to "make her talk." I love the depiction of the smoking GI on the right providing a kind of deliciously fay mad-scientist leer at the proceedings. I have never studied the Korean war in detail, and I don't know what the relationship of this painting is to reality, but all sides in this conflict seem to have committed plenty of well-documented massacres in its three-years of back-and-forth routes up-and-down the Korean peninsula. This is clearly the flipside of the Hollywood propaganda film image of the slant-eyed evil Chinese communist administering water torture to the hapless captured GI.

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