Tuesday, June 22, 2010

46, El Sol

I'm late for the summer solstice! Yesterday was the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Owing to the shortage of virgins, no human sacrifice was organized for the day. Perhaps next year. Any sun gods requiring appeasement, please send a statement in triplicate with your requirements.

I'm not really a sun worshipper. I mean, I love the sun, who doesn't. But I can't really go outside and lie in it. The pale pink skin my northern European ancestors predetermined for me gets red but it doesn't really tan. Why provoke my skin's cells into cancerous subversion? Oh I love the water, as in the Caribbean, where the sun has made it warm and the goddesses of the waters have kept the water invitingly clear. But I pay a stinging price no matter how much sunblock I coat myself with.

So to the Sun I say, thanks for the warmth of the days, and thanks for not exploding into a supernova, and thanks for making the world around me lush and green, and for making a warm spot on the bed for my cat to curl up in, and for inspiring the flowers in the backyard to beauty, and for brightening the mood, and for providing much better light than eco-friendly curly fluorescent bulbs, and for glorious lightshows at sunset, and thanks for allowing me to wear bermuda shorts and sandals, and thanks for that balmy warm breeze you've sent through my open windows. Thanks for keeping the pansies on my stoop glorious, thanks for still shining when I get out of work, and thanks for what you're doing right now to all the tomatoes and fruits growing here and there so in a month or two we'll be able to taste you. Thanks for coming back every morning.

Hey, sorry about the mess down here.


  1. Praises to the past supernovas as well, we wouldn't be here had the previous Sun somewhere hereabouts not exploded billions of years ago.

    fellow mellow

  2. Well put Mellow!

    thanks for stopping by these parts.