Thursday, July 08, 2010

Anti-American Art: Captured Invaders

From a series issued by the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam in 1966 marking the successes of the National Liberation Front (NLF, the so-called "Viet Cong"), comes this stamp showing NLF fighters leading a line of American prisoners of war into captivity. There's a huge NLF flag, and presumably captured artillery in the background.

There were about 600 American soldiers captured as POWs during the American war against the Vietnamese people, released after the Paris accords in 1973. Since the total number of American invaders missing was larger than the number of live Americans returned, insane and right-wing activists claimed that Vietnam was holding hundreds of Americans still alive in secret camps well after the liberation of the South in 1975. This right-wing paranoia became a highly developed conspiracy theory well-maintained by right-wing demagogues through the present day. That atrocious black "POW/MIA" flag that often flies below the stars and stripes is a stain on the mental health of the country.

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