Saturday, August 07, 2010

Anti-American Art: Witness to Atrocity

This is a huge mosaic on the outside wall of the Sinchon Museum of American War Crimes in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It shows a wounded elderly Korean woman in resolute defiance above a tableau of American solders shooting down North Korean civilians in a ditch. Inside the museum are a number of the posters that have been featured on this blog, along with displays of photographs, torture equipment, and other relics of the war crimes alleged to have been committed by the U.S. during its march northward in the first year of the Korean war.


  1. As you predicted, I liked the anti-american propaganda posters. I will probably use a few (with links to your site), unless you object, especially the North Korean collection as those are some of the better examples of propaganda as art.

  2. Hey SRL, yeah feel free to borrow; a link/credit appreciated. I wasn't so good at this in the beginning but i'm trying to make sure that anything not original to me gets a credit from where I found it.