Thursday, September 02, 2010

Anti-American Art: Armed and Extremely Dangerous

Here's more late-1960s Cultural Revolution-era clip art from the People's Republic of China. The caption is anti-American, and as usual it's the people of the world rising up against them. Unlike the people of the world united tableaus on many of these compositions, this one is strictly military, with armed Latin American, Vietnamese and African guerrillas under the leaderhip of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and a whole lot of red flags. The first guy in red to the right of the main quartet is the requisite armed Albanian in peasant vest and fez. It's worth noting that this is kind of a fantasy tableau: Chinese influence in world guerrilla movements was shortly to be subsumed by the Sino-Soviet split: in Africa, particularly, the Chinese-backed guerrilla factions like UNITA in Angola wound up on the same side as U.S. neo-colonialism fighting Soviet and Cuban-backed guerrilla factions in post-independence civil wars.


  1. and so it always is: anti-american movements in the rest of the world aren't really anti-american, they're just up for whatever furthers their cause.

    any idea what the caption actually says? my chinese is rusty, and by rusty, i mean i've never known anything about how to read or speak chinese.

  2. The first and third characters mean America, I assume the 2nd one is some kind of adjective; and the 2nd two from the right mean people. That's about the limit of my deciphering, but you can safely infer the rest.