Saturday, September 04, 2010

Anti-American Art: Don't Forgive, Don't Forget

Lest we think that anti-American propaganda is a relic of an earlier time, here's a brand-new pair of stamps from North Korea, just issued this year. One is a miniature poster against Japanese imperialism, and the other a familiar vignette against U.S. imperialism. It's not a flattering juxtaposition.

And if you think all this Korean hostility to Japan is an old grudge, think again. The New York Times just reported on a wave of anti-Korean activism among the far right in Japan, home to many Korean immigrants. The armband at left is from these fascist activists: the red characters read "Volunteer Corps Against Lawless Koreans," and the black ones read "Expel Barbarians." Photo snagged from The Times.

1 comment:

  1. i don't know if the n. koreans have the right to call us imperialists, but plenty of other countries do.

    also, the far-right japanese racism is an important reminder to all self-hating american apologists: racism exists everywhere. america is not the only place suffering from intolerance. i think people too often criticize their own land without realizing that we are not alone in our stupidity. often, those people live sheltered lives and look upon leftism as being 'cool,' when in reality, it should be a natural consequence of observing the world.