Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hamdulillah: Thank God For It

The Narcicyst is an Iraqi exile living in Montreal; this beautifully photographed video is a hip-hop plea for peace and understanding. It's a powerful statement against Islamophobia. Click through to the youtube page for more info about the production of the video and the full lyric sheet. Thanks to the folks at Mochilla for bringing this to my attention.

means to will in God's name, without the ball and the chain a slave falling to claim,
will forever hold inner peace, Wicked streets cripple little being rippling through the middle east
may God bless the dead and gone, forever strong a better song, breaking bitter bonds
for this world, in this spot to this song with these words for hip-hop say
stay humble in rhymes in eyes that hate your hunger
its like a jungle sometimes it makes you wonder

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