Friday, October 15, 2010

Anti-American Art: North "American" Treaty Organization?

While calling this item "art" might be a bit of an overstatement with its crazy arrows and oddly tilted map, I never promised all the entries in this series would be pretty. Anyway "US and NATO Out of Africa, Asia, South- and Central-America!" reads this poster from a Palestine solidarity group in Germany and Austria. The map calls attention to the NATO/German bombing of Yugoslavia, the US/NATO blockades of Cuba and Iraq, the US attack and embargo against Libya, and Israeli attacks against its neighbors. "Solidarity with all oppressed Peoples!" it concludes.

What I appreciate about this poster is that it doesn't let the other members of NATO off the hook for their international alliance with the aggressive foreign policy of the U.S. It's all well and good to see Europeans protest American policies, but the planes that bombed the crap out of Serbia in the early 1990s weren't all American, and if many European countries balked in the end about joining Bush's post-9/11 attack against Iraq, they were all in favor of the murderous blockade during the 1990s. And yes I know that NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization but my headline is clever, no?

Another poster archived at the Palestine Poster Project.

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