Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anti-American Art: Teach Your Children Well

See the happy children's playground! See the happy children! See the happy children with the pretty flag! Pretty pretty flag! Pretty pretty People's Democratic Republic! See the swing. See the happy children on the swing. The swing is a horsey, a happy happy horsey! See the happy children ride the happy horsey! Little Kim wants to be a sailor when he grows up. Brave little Kim! Little Chun wants to be a political commissar when he grows up! Smart little Chun! See the wicked American. Wicked wicked American! Little Chun says to crash the horsey into the American! Little Chun says oh what fun! See the brave little happy children crash into the American! Die, wicked American, die! Oh what happy fun! Happy happy fun! Long live Kim Il Sung!

(1970 postcard from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.)


  1. i laughed pretty damn hard at your writing ish.

    almost made me forget the horrible message this art sends. :(

  2. Do you think I have a possible writing career in North Korea? That would be AWESOME!

    I watched some weird online documentary on North Korea recently...some long-haired guy who looks like a biker, maybe has a slight brogue, I don't remember the url. It was an interesting watch. I didn't care for the guy's point of view. But it was a pretty interesting view of being a tightly controlled tourist in a closed society. On the other hand, there really are a LOT of weapons pointed at North Korea. That would probably make me crazy too.