Friday, October 22, 2010

The Barbarity of White People, Continued

I found this map while idly following links on eBay. I don't remember what I clicked on to find it, and I didn't buy it, though I don't recall it being expensive. You'll want to click on it above to see it larger, to see what I saw. It's a map of the west coast of Africa, from the 18th century. It's dated 1739 down at the bottom, and is in French. It's mostly a map of the coasts, with the capes and river mouths all noted. Several regions and nations are noted. There's Sierra Leone. There's Guinee. There's Benin and Biafara. Congo. Angola. Maiumbo. Many of these names are still around today.

One other thing is noted. Carefully noted. The exploitable commodity available in each region. There's the "Coste de Grain," the grain coast. There's the "Coste d'Ivoire," the ivory coast. There's the "Coste d'Or," the gold coast. And yes, you know what's next. The "Coste des Esclaves." The slave coast. This is a map of a holocaust. A guidebook to the world's shame.


  1. these are my favorite types of things that you post, ish.

    we need to know that this has happened, and we need to remember not to ever repeat it.

    spread this like wildfire.

  2. Thanks freebones. I was actually stunned when I looked at the details on this map when I first saw it.