Monday, December 13, 2010

Anti-American Art: Four-Way Fight

Here's a modern mural, in English, from Tehran in the Islamic Republic of Iran. "Down with USA & Israel" and "His excellency the leader: Imam Khomeini's followers are always supporting palestinians and fight their enemies." That's a combination American flag/Star of David on the left. The center depicts the Al Aqsa Mosque and Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem (Al Quds), the Holy Kaaba in Mecca, and I believe another mosque in Iran. The portrait on the bottom is the invalid founder/leader of the Palestinian Hamas organization Sheik Ahmed Yassin assassinated by Israel in 2004. The quadraplegic civilian leader and spiritual figure was attacked by a helicopter gunship and the bodyguards and civilians around him were also killed. And yet somehow it is Hamas and not the Israeli government that is on the list of terrorist organizations. Which is why you see that combo star and stripes up there.

Anyway, neither Hamas' nor Iran's politics are my cup of tea, but the Palestinians are free to choose their own manner of resistance and pick their own friends. I'd rather they chose the path of secularism and socialism, but who am I.

(Photo snagged from the "Murales Politicos" website.)

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