Friday, December 24, 2010

A Little Christ for Your Christmas

Despite this hastily-created ironic graphic that you can actually buy on your choice of t-shirt, bag, mug or coaster, I'm not actually so big on Jesus. As I type that I can of course hear a smiling voice in my head say, "well that's okay, cause Jesus is big on you." Heh heh. yes, well. Not that I have any particular issue with Jesus: rebel against Rome, inspirational man teaching people to commit acts of decency on fellow humans, nothing to hate on there. If some of his followers like the label "Christian" better than paying attention to what He actually said, I freely admit that's not Jesus's problem.

When I was a little kid I loved playing with the family creche set, a nicely painted little diorama with figures of shepherds and apparent Arab kings and a happy little family and lots of sheep, plus a little angel that never quite stayed attached to the top of that shed called a manger. But despite my mother's intentions Christianity never stuck with me, though thankfully, I've grown out of the angry rage that so many gay people have for His religion.

But Christmas is a lovely holiday; social obligations balanced by the chance to see people you haven't seen in a while, exchange some gifts, and drink a little too much. It's not clear to me if Jesus was a drinker exactly, but He did turn water into wine and that's a pretty impressive and useful talent.

So as they say in our secular society, happy holidays. But if Jesus is indeed your comrade, then may you have blessed celebration of His birth.


  1. you are such a warm person, ish. what do you personally like to celebrate at this time of the year?

  2. I used to send out homemade Solstice cards...It was a really fun ceative undertaking and they got quite elaborate and I sent out like fifty every year. I got a reputation among family and friends for celebrating the solstice, which I've kept, even though I haven't made or sent out the cards in years.

    My boyfriend is Jewish so we go to his family around Hannukah time to share a meal and exchange a batch of presents and then he comes over on Christmas to exchange presents with my elderly mom. It's quite nice but neither event is even slightly religious, just cultural. Which is fine.

    I think for many people spirituality is more and more a private thing that goes on in your own head without needing to go to services or something or show it off, and that suits me fine these days though it hasn't always.

    I get up earlier than my boyfriend so I'm checking in with blogland now while he sleeps in...presents in an hour or two!

    How do you celebrate? Do you have family?

    Best regards to you freebones.

  3. i have a lovely family. this christmas has been somewhat marred in that i had planned to spend half of my time off with my ex-fiance's family, but they sent me a nice card, and she herself sent some warm regards.

    i usually go to christmas eve mass with my mom, because it's very important to her, although she knows i don't really believe in god anymore. then i just get up on christmas morning and we exchange presents, then my grandparents and my mom's boyfriend usually come over. right now i am waiting for my gravy to boil so that we can begin the meal!

    i've always just wanted to be near people i love. this last month or so has been pretty hellish for me, but my mom and dad (i will be visiting with him and his wife tomorrow!) have been pretty great parents.

    and i agree about spirituality. i listened to sam rivers when i woke up today.

    have a lovely day, ish!