Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowpocalypse Now?

While I'm not sure last night's snowfall truly counts as the "snowpocalypse" it's being called on the news, it was an impressive storm. The wind was really something else: looking out my window you could barely see across the street. I woke up this morning wondering where the snow had drifted, and opened the front door to see that the answer was my side of the street. See photo above!

When I was a kid I was haunted by a movie whose name I never found out of people trapped in a house during a snowstorm; they had to escape out the second floor the snow was so high. So it wasn't that bad but still I had to shovel almost two feet of snow away from the door merely to have the pleasure of shovelling the snow from the front yard and the sidewalk. There were a few people bravely trekking off to work, and looking miserable for all the beauty of the snow-covered street. As of this evening the street itself has not been plowed; I saw a cross-country skier out earlier but anybody with a car is out of luck.

I was asked to take the week off from my job, and frankly I'm not complaining. I'm thinking of various friends who travelled off for short visits to family out of town and am glad I'm not dealing with that kind of uncertainty about being able to get back home.

So for now until the soot and city dirt and the dog piss kick in, my block is a bit of a beautiful winter wonderland. I'm staying inside where it's at least slightly warm, counting my blessings for a full pantry. Also counting my blessings that I'm not one of the feral cats living out back. The Christmas lights are still on up and down the block; it's the second night of Kwanzaa, and all is well.


  1. Ian, I just remembered being stranded in Hyde Park and spending a week in Chicago at your apartment.
    Thanks for your help back in 1978. I hope you're doing well.

  2. They know snow back in Chicago!
    I am well. Hope your holidays are good.

  3. we were supposed to get lots of snow in south-central PA (home) and in central NJ, where I now live. we barely got any. it did look nice though, but it all melted the next day.

    also, i got a new kind of hot sauce that a local cannery makes: habanero-based and very green, with a bit of garlic. magical for eggs and chicken. of course, hot sauce made me think of you. haha. glad you're fully stocked for the snow-in!