Friday, January 07, 2011

Anti-American Art: Traditional Korean Holiday

Repealing healthcare? Constitutional grandstanding? Crazy birther fundamentalists shouting from the gallery of Congress? Supreme Court justices saying women and gays are not legally protected by the Constitution? Let's avert our gaze from the falderol of Washington and return to the golden days of 1953, to the Day of Anti-US Struggle, the occasion of this very first North Korean stamp to trample the stars and stripes. Crudely designed, it shows North Korean soldiers at the front lines, crossing the barbed wire defenses, the ground below them a strange combination of smoke and American flag. This is apparently the traditional way the holiday is celebrated: This stamp was actually issued before the ceasefire that called a halt to the Korean War, so "Day of Anti-US Struggle" was a holiday you could really go out and celebrate the hard way. With a Congress like the one we have now, kinda makes you get back to those traditional holidays. I will try to find out which day exactly the "Day of Anti-US Struggle" is.

To see more stamps trashing America, many of them North Korean, click here.

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