Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hope for Humans

I snagged this picture from an amazing collection of photos of Egyptian women in the current protests. It's on a facebook album compiled by Leil-Zahra Mortada.

Could it be any clearer? It's humanity vs. a faceless insectoid force. How inspiring moments like these are when fear is laid down and hope takes hold: hope that there is something better that can be grasped in the hands of people acting together. I hope the people of Egypt are not only able to stay resolute but able to win the hearts of these men dressed as insects, and have them shed their carapaces of repression and violence, and come over to the side of humanity.

Meanwhile on the side of the insects, Republican Weeper, er, Speaker of the House John Boehner said "What we don't want are radical ideologies to take control of a very large and important country in the Middle East."


  1. GREAT photo by the way, really tells the story....a picture is worth....

    Is it me or is 'the weeper' starting to sound like SP and MB?

    Those three are bringing new meaning to the words "WTF"!

  2. Isn't it a great photo?

    There was an awesome Gail Collins column in the Times this weekend about SP & MB. It had me laughing.
    Which fortunately we are still able to do!

  3. Great article, thanks. I am basically posting your Hope for Humans on my blog tomorrow a.m. Sorry I didn't ask first I get excited.

    Maybe like drops of dripping water in time we will become a flood.

    I swear SP, were making me crazy, I have decided to just turn them into the jokes they are. Even the head of the Tea Party was saying that MB was not a spokesperson for the party.

    I should start counting the days until an official Republican stands up and says something, what are they afraid of? Idiots!

    Nothing worse than a former smoker on smoking, except maybe a former Republican on