Monday, January 24, 2011

Palestinian Queer Speaking Tour

I was excited to find out about an upcoming speaking tour: "Palestinian Queer Activists Talk Politics," coming to a number of American cities. Click on the image above to embiggen and see all the dates. The New York City event is February 10 at the CUNY graduate center at 34th and 5th. You can get more information from their facebook page.

With so much disinformation being spread about Palestine and Palestinians, I'm looking forward to hearing queer Palestinians speak for themselves about their issues and priorities, and about the commonalities and differences with us gays in the U.S. If you follow the official Israeli "pinkwashing" propaganda line (more about this in an upcoming post), the only hope of Arab gay people is turning their back on their own cultures and becoming stooges for Israel. While clearly the legal situation for Israeli gays is better than it is for gays in most Arab countries, there are a lot of complex issues in that simple statement that need to be understood and contextualized.

I hope to post a report from this event after the fact.