Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night

Apparently it's Oscar night. What I want to know is why there is not also Bert & Ernie night. Or Miss Piggy night. I think it's unfair that only Oscar the Grouch gets his own red-carpet celebration.

Actually I'm a hair too old for Sesame Street. But I'm not too old (or young) to remember Emily Litella. So, "Never mind!"

Here's the sad truth. I don't go to movies much. Sure I enjoy being entertained, I enjoy the escapism of movies -- who doesn't? -- but it's so damned expensive. I realize of all the movies up for Oscars this year I've seen exactly three. And one of them was last night on video (The Social Network) and another a couple weeks ago (Inception) and a third a couple weeks before that (The Kids Are All Right). I remember extraordinary details about history and music. But I just don't care about actors and actresses. My boyfriend can attest that I am forever asking, "Who's that?" about any actor in any movie. I guess I think it's weird to watch the same people over and over again pretend to be other people. Some of them are talented, sure; some of them are even hot. But I can never help but feel that if Americans paid as much attention to what's happening in the world as they do to Hollywood gossip, we wouldn't be in such a mess. Hey wait, so who's Oscar the Grouch now?

Update: If you're coming for the Oscar picture, I hope you'll stay for the other content here. This blog is about my perspective on life in the U.S. but it's also about the necessity of fighting for real freedom and social justice around the world and here at home.


  1. Sadly, Oscar will never win an Oscar, as grouchy doen't play well with the Academy. Now, if he could master moody and brooding, he might have a chance...

  2. Really good blog.

    I go to free movie screenings. See and


  3. MrBill, Kids need a brooding and moody role model! Especially hipster kids!

    Renegade eye thanks for dropping by and for the tip.

  4. i like to think that the distractionism keeps most of the people who wouldn't actively contribute positively out of the REAL issues.

    am i too much of an optimist?

  5. On Oscar Night - I am always amazed that the organization that is the high potentate of actors can so consistently come up with poor or semi-poor Oscar award nights. Is it odd that I show up every year expecting to be entertained? I do, I really do. But every year I slap my forehead, down a can of V-8 and mutter, "I could have watched a movie instead!"

  6. @ Freebones, I like your way of thinking.

    @ Annie, I wound up watching about half the show before I got bored with it. It failed to make me want to see the movies I'd missed. And dang some people who have always been fixtures in my life are getting old.