Thursday, April 28, 2011

"People Dreaming They Live Free"

This is a very mellow — and quite extended — track by hip-hop artist Common from his album of a few years back "Electric Circus." It features guest appearances by a number of the most creative voices on the hip-hop scene like Bilal, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Cee-Lo, Mary J. Blige and others. It's sort of a meditative suite on spirituality, mortality and the meaning of heaven, with perspectives ranging from earthy to sublime. It's such an ultimately optimistic and humanistic perspective: this song isn't about religious dogma but about hope and acceptance. I find it quite profound.

I'm posting this not only because I really love this track, but because I was listening to this a few days ago and it set me off on an attempt to write something deep and meaningful for the blog at Easter time just passed. I wanted to tie this song in to a reading of the Bible verse it mentions and proceed to a commentary on high and low religion. But that post failed to come together, so I thought I'd just play this song instead.

You can read the lyrics, with the guest vocalists ID'd, at one of those song lyric sites, sing365. Strongly recommended!

"all mighty love,
watching over me....
a smile........brillant.....
all over .....constantly.....
warm .....comforting.....
no strain
simply peace"

(The youtube uploader cut the last half a minute off the song, a sort of instrumental breakdown, to fit a youtube time limit so this clip ends a little abruptly but no vocals are lost).


  1. Thanks, ish, very nice and my personal favorite is:

    Papa Lynn (talkin)
    Heaven, heaven is being pops
    heaven is spending the day with your grandchildren
    listenin to they voices whenand they laughing and play
    and then at the end of the day we hug we kiss and slowly they walk away
    and then suddenly they turn and rush back to me and hug me round the knees
    yeah, that's heaven to me

    I say Amen to that :)