Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Question of Values

It's not as complicated as it's made out to be.

Sure, the economic ruin brought by decades of greed and mismanagement isn't imaginary. But thanks to two centuries of unbridled imperialism, this is the richest country in the world. The United States is not broke. Don't believe the hype. There's plenty of money. The problem is, the people with the money don't want to share, don't want to be told what to spend their money on. They want to spend money on making more money. Which means spending money on war is good, but spending money on healthcare is bad. And they think they have rights and privileges over the rest of us which means they think we should express our gratitude to them for sitting at the helm of the economy by paying our taxes quietly while letting them find ways out of paying theirs.

They have made a choice; and their choice is to make us sweep their crap off the floor.

The Republican long-term budget proposal, apparently unironically entitled "The Path to Prosperity," is an ideological broadside against what little is left of the old-fashioned liberal safety net. It's a roadmap for eliminating the government's deficit by eliminating social programs. It is an utter outrage. And the Republican maneuvering over the short-term budget threatening the economic shutdown of government, is just a preview. Led by the racist teabag lynchmob-in-waiting, the Republican party is seizing the moment to intimidate and frighten Americans into giving in to their outrageous demands. And one suspects that a good deal of Obama and the Democrat's posturing of opposition to the Republicans will give way to mewling capitulation.

The Republicans and their social conservative teaparty fascists have revealed their hand. But it doesn't have to go their way.

It's possible to choose the right thing. Stop those three wars. Repeal those tax cuts for millionaires. Nationalize healthcare and set the rates and costs of medical services. Rebuild the school system instead of selling it to profit-making charter school vampire. Pull back those outsourced jobs.

The economic crisis didn't happen: it was made, by people making bad choices. Which means all we have to do is make the right choices. It's not that hard.


  1. Interesting that as I was posting a comment to your blog on your previous post you were in the process of this post. Cut and paste my comment to this page.... too funny - great minds.

  2. I'm happy to think alike as you Annie. Hopefully there's a lot more people thinking alike too.

  3. this is good stuff. let's make sure we don't like anyone forget this two novembers from now!

  4. This sums it up for me re: "cutting the budget":

  5. @swboy - Hear! Hear! That's how it works in my household: debt increases, have to increase income AND keep spending in line.

    Can basic "homeconomics" be that much different?

  6. swboy I thought that video was gonna have GOOD news on it. Fascinating figures but depressing.

    Oh, but I do have some good news. The cherry tree out front is in bloom!

  7. That's good news. Take a pic please and share it with us.

  8. Depressing sure, but it highlights
    the real agenda for Republicans.
    Its not about resolving budget issues,
    but rather in achieving tactical goals.
    The goals are to weaken Democratic constituency groups. Crucial cuts
    made to Planned Parenthood, PBS etc
    don't really add up to much money.
    Removing tax breaks to the top 2%,
    & reduction of oil subsidies etc.
    is a LOT of money. He didn't even bother to discuss reductions to huge military budgets. It would never be permitted. No savings possible there..
    Damn. This kind of crap makes me crazy...