Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DSK & IMF: Rapists not Socialists

This smiling man standing in front of the fisted-rose logo of the French Socialists is Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He, of course, is the incredibly wealthy French businessman currently under house arrest in New York City for allegedly attempting to rape the hotel worker assigned to cleaning his room. I haven't discussed Mr. Strauss-Kahn's arrest here mostly because even the regular media seems ripe with repulsion over his alleged crime, and I didn't think there was much to add. I'm quite sorry he used his considerable wealth to buy his way out of Riker's Island jail: evidence once again of who has the power in our "free" society.

But I would just like to add one thing: Mr. Strauss-Kahn's rape attempt of the as yet publicly unnamed hotel worker is not unique; she herself is apparently an African immigrant, and Mr. Strauss-Kahn has years under his belt raping the people of Africa. Until he resigned in the wake of the charges against him, he was the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, an organization that functions something like a follow-up rapist to the poorer nations of the world. After countries in the second and third world have been robbed blind by international mega-capitalism, the IMF moves in to rape the impoverished corpses of these nations, ensuring that no matter what happens, these nations will remain naked and bleeding slaves to the rich nations of the world.

While I'm gratified to learn that DSK is at least a member of the right wing of the French Socialist Party, the very thought that such a monstrous individual with such a vile career would consider himself a socialist blows my mind. He was even once seen as a possibly successful socialist electoral challenger to the current French president. Here in the United States where "socialism" is something akin to a curse word, many people are confused about what a socialist might be. Let me say loud and clear that DSK is not it.

Let justice take its course. Hopefully he will stand trial and be convicted. Might I suggest he serve his punishment in the poorest prison in the poorest country the world can find?


  1. I thought that conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans were pretty much a thing of the past - but to learn that there are right-wing socialists in our midst restores my faith in oxymorons. ;)

    Politics aside, and giving the appropriate nod to the presumption of innocence, the guy still sounds like a pig.

  2. i'm curious about your claims as to the activities of the IMF. i know little, if not nothing, about it. can you suggest any reasonably objective reading?

  3. I have been watching the BBC TV spy series MI5, catching up on the last nine seasons... so I have become very suspicious of everything.

    When the DSK story broke my first thought was that it was 1) a set-up to knock him out of the race for President of France and 2) to silence him on some US gold dealings. Hmm... I wonder if any of that is true?

    If DSK is a socialist he certainly enjoys a capitalist lifestyle.

  4. @Annie, you know actually a majority of French people apparently believe this was a set-up. I can understand how feasible that is, but asked to choose to believe what a woman working at a hotel says happened to her over what a rich @ssh*le like DSK says I have to go with the hotel worker.

    @freebones, I can't actually recommend anything. I've formed my opinion from decades of reading the news. I'm sure the info's out there. IF I run across something I'll get back to you.

    @MrBill, right?

  5. ish, but what if the hotel worker is an operative of the set up? Too conspirator theory-ish?? Maybe I watch too much TV... lol

  6. Annie I'll keep an open mind if you do!