Thursday, May 05, 2011

Full Coverage of Tonight's Republican Presidential Debate!

Oh never mind who I am I kidding. Watch Faux News? Watch the first televised hate-fest of the year? No thanks! Only in America (or possibly Taliban-ruled Afghanistan) can a party run a pack of candidates who can only compete to see who of them hates gay people the most. Pardon my french, but fuck these people. Anybody who votes for these hateful lying idiots deserves what they get.


  1. Oh rats, I was hoping you would watch and give us a full and unbiased report. rofl

  2. sometimes, ish, i love you even more than usual.

    you are always so careful and full of insight, and it feels good to hear you say what i am thinking.

    fuck 'em all.

  3. Aw freebones thanks!

    You know I hesitated before using that language...but only for a second!