Monday, June 13, 2011

The Laughing Faces of Evil

Who are these jovial people and what are they laughing about? These are the Republican presidential candidates at tonight's debate, and they're laughing at you, America.

I couldn't bear to watch any of it, and having read a number of live blogs and articles, I made the right decision. These people are monsters, every last one of them. They think it's funny to talk about enshrining discrimination against gay people in the constitution. They would rather orphaned and unwanted children languish in group homes than be adopted by loving foster parents who happen to be gay. They actually look admirably upon the social policy of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. They want to take away the rights of working people to organize. They want loyalty oaths and the right to choose who among those of us who live are here are good enough to be called real Americans. They don't understand the separation of church and state, and they think that their religion is not only better than yours, it gives them the right to make you do what they tell you. These people think that corporate profits and the right of rich people to have even more and more money are more important than the right of you and I to afford medical care. These people believe they have the right to lie as much as they want if it means they can have power over you and me. These people admire the mobs in occupied Jerusalem who just chanted "butcher the Arabs," and yet some of them claim to be against America's current wars.

Me, I'm not laughing at all.


  1. I couldn't wait to see what you had to say on this. Honestly I flipped to it now and again - but hockey was on and it's a no brainer that I would rather watch big, burly, padded guys, speaking not so softly and carrying big sticks.

    I think you summed it up pretty well, sad isn't it that we don't really need to watch them to know what they will say.

    Oh, well.... let's hope the President can get something started here on the home front with job creation. If it's true big business owes him big time, he should squeeze a few "nuts" and get something going.

    I'm afraid the economic situation might get worse before the election and enable one of those R's to get elected.

  2. So horrible to think that one of these people might win because of the economy. Hopefully people will look at Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio and see what Republican "recovery" looks like.

    I find Obama's messaging on the economy really lacking: "have patience" is not very inspiring.

    I think it was on Diane Reihm tonight they had some people talking about how successful Texas currently is in job creation. Some people on her panel said it was various state laws like no income tax and the like. Then a somebody called in and said well aren't they actually having a huge budget crisis and wasn't their employment recovery due actually to the stimulus money that they accepted from the feds? Oh yeah, that's true, said her panel. You realized her panel was basically full of crap for not bringing that up at the beginning. Sheesh. Simple.

  3. Missouri is a Republican state and the St. Louis Area is very conservative. Even my little city, where you hear cries of "Obama-care" and "government bail-outs" seemed to have no problem taking a $800,000 stimulus stipend from the Feds for our walking trail.

    When I questioned this at a meeting, the response was, "Well if we didn't take it we would loose it." Of course and isn't this the real problem? I mean the walking trail will be nice but it didn't really put any 'new' people to work. I suppose the city did buy some gravel and such, but they already had the men and the equipment in their Public Works department. It didn't create any new jobs.

    Missouri also has budget problems. They are considering dropping the income tax and having instead a state sales tax. They drop corporate taxes to lure business to the state, but don't mind that the little guy buying groceries will have to pay more taxes just to live.

    Guess we wait and see what happens. For me my hands-on work here in this state is to see that no new nuclear plants get built and the existing one gets shut down. I feel there is at least a fighting chance in this battle.

  4. This isn't pleasant, but something I think you should see:

  5. Hard to look at but that would be very good news.