Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Tale of Two Videos

This catchy song and video is the work of One World, a project formed by members of the British electronica band Faithless. It's a benefit for UK Charity War on Want projects in Palestine, and features a mini-super group of pop musicians, gospel choirs, rappers, break dancers, and even musicians playing Middle-Eastern hand percussion and oud.

"So many years of catastrophe
More than six million refugees
It could be you and your family
Forced from your home and your history

We are the people
And this is our time
Stand up and sing out for Palestine

No matter your faith or community
This is a crime against humanity
God's earth turned into a prison camp
Apartheid wall divides the West Bank

We'll break down the wall
Freedom for Palestine
Demand justice for all
Freedom for Palestine"

The One World website has dance remixes of the song and there's a facebook page as well. It really shows the diverse face of the justice for Palestine movement.

And now to break the mood here's the second video.

It's a video of the "Reunified Jerusalem" demonstration by extremist Israelis in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Arab East Jerusalem just this past June 1. As you'll see in the subtitles the crowd is chanting such charming things as "Butcher the Arabs!" "Death to Arabs!" "Death to Leftists!" "May your village burn!" and "Muhammad Is Dead!". (More photos of the demonstration can be seen here.)

This is who the so-called settlers are: racist bullies shouting for genocide. Next time the U.S. vetoes a motion in the UN about Israel's illegal settlements, this is whose side the U.S. is taking.

(Hat tip to Annie for pointing me to the first video; second video from Mondoweiss. There's another video on Mondoweiss of the same demonstration.)


  1. Jerusalem Day - How Sarah Palin celebrated the day - wearing an enormous Star of David pendant and proclaiming: “Today is the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem being reunited,” she said. “We want to call attention to that.”

    I'm confused I thought Jerusalem Day was the day the bells rang and someone yelled "The British are coming! The British are coming!"

  2. "Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself."

    Oh, and what you are doing Beck is NOT propaganda??? Complete idiot!

    I like to sit Beck down at a table and have him watch some of the Israeli attacks on women and children and then have him explain to me why this is a good thing.

    Beck brought to you by the 'fair and balanced' news network, which does not engage in any form of propaganda what so ever - right! rofl

  3. Oh I tried to watch that Glenn Beckkk clip, really I did. I made it half way before I had to turn it off, Annie. What a slimy character.

  4. ish, I am convinced that there is a drug out there that only the 'wing-nut right' has access to - some strange mind-alternating drug. I hope they use up all the supply and SOON.

  5. It is like living in a parallel universe sometimes, or maybe like watching other people live in one, isn't it?

  6. ish, you have got to see this:

    Evil... pure evil.

  7. Unarmed Arabs gunned down by Israeli forces [again]:

  8. Here's the link to the Washington Post article:

  9. Wow Andrew Sullivan really has her number doesn't he. I don't always love what he has to say but that's pretty impressive. Thanks!

  10. Hi, ish, I don't know if you read Al Jazeera on a regular basis, but I stumbled upon this piece today on The Global Drug War and the Nixon Connection - I found it an interesting read:

  11. Another excellent article - On deaf ears: Obama's message to Israel

    I promise no more tonight.

  12. Oh I love your links Annie, no worries! I will look at both of those as soon as I'm done with my blogpost. I just watched a terrible little clip of somebody being killed in Syria and I'm trying to write something not too traumatic about something else to forget it.