Monday, July 04, 2011

And Now for a LIttle Natural Beauty

I spent the weekend up in the Catskills with my boyfriend at a beautiful century-old farmhouse owned by some friends of ours. The weather was extraordinary: bright and sunny alternating with thunderous downpours. The Catskills are low mountains but mountains nevertheless, and the weather is so much more dramatic than down here in the city.

The transitions from rain to dry made for some spectacular skies, hence these photos. Not trying to say anything particularly profound here, except how wonderful it is to get out of the city now and again to see what the world actually looks, feels, and smells like.

These pictures were taken in New Kingston and in Bovina, two very small towns about an hour further out from Woodstock.

This last one is not upside down, that's a reflection in a frog-filled pond. It was the Fourth of July weekend, but of course, these sights are a bit more than a couple hundred years old. I'm back in the city tonight, listening to fire-crackers and helicopters in the warm summer night.

(Photographs by me; click on them to see them larger.)


  1. this is nice. i finished moving this weekend, and outside our big back window in the living room, we overlook a lake from the fifth floor, and there are really tall trees, so no matter the time of day or the weather, it looks like we live in the jungle or something. it is awesome. my photographic skills aren't very good, but I might stick a photo up here if i remember.

  2. I'd love to see a photo freebones. I've always lived in cities and at relatively low altitudes so I'm not used to much of a view. I always treasure a tree outside my window. Was nice to see such panoramas...and all from my friends' porches.

  3. here we go, ish: via the magic of imgur.

    that was taken about an hour ago out of my living room. just beyond the trees is a view of a lovely river, and all of this jungle scenery is actually located in central new jersey!

    speaking of which, i will be in NYC tonight to see an old friend from college and perhaps drink a bit too much. i can't imagine i'd be running into you, but small world anyways!

  4. Thanks to both of you for the wonderful pics. Really lovely.

    I feel wont to pen poetry, perhaps an ode to Robert Frost... lol

    Take care.