Sunday, July 17, 2011

Murdoch Empire Crumbling?

I've been reading with great pleasure about the scandal that has befallen media mogul Rupert Murdoch's empire in the U.K. Not only has the flagship newspaper of Murdoch's empire been shut down ("voluntarily"), Murdoch's efforts to expand his television holdings in the U.K. have been spiked. Even better than this, his main English henchwoman Rebekah Brooks has been arrested, and his high-ranking employees on both sides of the Atlantic have started resigning.

The scandal in the U.K. broke out when it was discovered that Murdoch's people had hacked into the phones not only of gossip-foddering royalty, but of a murdered girl and families of soldiers killed in the various wars that the U.K. is helping out the United States with. The British are outraged — outraged — that Murdoch's organization seems to be put itself above the law and decency. Nevermind that just as in the U.S., Murdoch's media is incredibly popular. We'll set aside the hypocrisy for a moment and say it couldn't happen to a more disgusting media mogul.

Once Australian, Murdoch is of course not British, but American. And let us say a prayer to the Gods old and new that the wave of revulsion and ostracism sweeping the U.K. crosses the ocean and targets the American center of Murdoch's empire, his Fox News television channels — better called Faux News, or even more bitterly, Radio Rwanda. It would be nice to see someone find that his vile racist tabloids like the New York Post and his venture into respectability, the Wall Street Journal, are infested with the same illegal practices. We all know that Murdoch's American empire, thanks to the hideous Roger Ailes among others, are already far removed from anything resembling actual journalism, but given the lines the British operation crossed, it's hard to imagine that the American Murdoch culture is any less criminal. Time will fingers are crossed that somebody finds the dirt that is sure to be there.

Faux News is propaganda of the worst sort. It keeps its audience riveted with a diet of fear mongering and lies, and has become the paid host to dozens of the nation's leading right-wing parasites; its talking heads are among the most vacuously plastic and utterly unblinking and shameless uninformed morons I have ever seen. Anyone with half a brain can see the sickness that infects Faux News and its print allies. I for one hope that finally we're about to see its putrescence made clear for all.


  1. "Hear, hear."

    It will be interesting to see how deep the 'right' has its grip on this nation and if anything negative will surface about Murdock here in his "own" country. They are dropping like flies in the UK.

    Reagan fast-traced Murdoch's citizenship so he (Murdock) could buy his television licenses which can only be owned by U.S. citizens.

    A discussion on FoxNews turned quickly from one of Murdoch hackers to one of those being hacked, the "real story" they said... I say, what?

  2. They must be on needles and pins. There's gotta be dirt on the American branch of the Murdoch conspiracy.

  3. this was delightful to read. i kept going "yeah!", "hell yeah!" hahaha.

  4. They are just so awful, freebones. Scandal couldn't happen to more deserving scoundrels.