Friday, August 26, 2011

Can You Handle Candy's Sweet Scandal?

I'm excited to present the latest video from my super-talented drag queen friend Candy Samples. It's for her just-released new single (available on iTunes!) "Sweet Scandal," and the song was co-written by Candy with two of her frequent collaborators including my boyfriend. I've got cameos in this video as well as all her previous ones.

This daring new video is filled with more gun-pointing attitude than Miranda Richardson shows off in "The Crying Game," as Candy takes what she wants with no apologies. It was fun being a part of her video cast again, and I'm always amazed at the talent and creativity of Candy's whole production team. The special effects in this one (including a crucifixion scene!) are really fun and over the top. She is super wigged out!

It's become a yearly tradition for Candy to produce a new song and video for her appearance down at the Southern Decadence gay street party in New Orleans each Labor Day; we're willing to share her but we're glad this is her home town. The video was filmed on location in Astoria, Queens.

I can't wait for the next one!


  1. oh ish, i love you. i can't handle candy. never could. but dammit if i haven't listened to 'boy crazy' about 800 times since you first posted it at ile. so sickeningly catchy! there's nothing wrong with fun music. :)

  2. LOL freebones...every one of her tunes is a terrible ear-worm!

  3. it's true! i had forgotten about candy for awhile, and now my room-mates are once again wondering why my usual musical intake is occasionally supplemented with drag disco that sounds like a pitch-shifted lady gaga. guilty pleasures exist in music like nowhere else, i suppose. congratulate your boyfriend on another shamelessly well-done bit of fun and smiles that i can't shake!