Thursday, September 15, 2011

Late Summer

I had to stay late at work today...with the fringe benefit of catching this beautiful late summer sunset. Above is more or less the view over my shoulder from my desk. Below, a wider panorama of the same view and at bottom, the sun exploding into fire over New Jersey. That's the Empire State Building above.

I was going to rant about a few things tonight...the Republicans who would rather people die than get healthcare and want to make sure little girls are at the mercy of preventable diseases... the four congressional Democrats who put a bill up today to blackmail, er, take away foreign aid from any nation that votes for Palestinian statehood in the U.N.... the Obama administration's shameful appeasement of Netanyahu for Jewish votes and their abject denial of Palestinian self-determination.... The horrible anti-gay hatred about to be written into the North Carolina state constitution....

But I'll save it. Ahhhh...


  1. I have to admit NYC is one very pretty city skyline. Thanks for the awesome pics.

    Not to worry I'm pretty sure there will be plenty to rant about tomorrow. lol In the meantime let's enjoy all the good we've got.

  2. Thanks Annie. I might have to start ranting about the's COLD this morning.

  3. just gorgeous. For a time I worked on 34th and 5th, right across the street from the ESB. I look back at my time in Manhattan with the greatest fondness and reverence, outright joy and delight. Or is that Deee-Lite, lol?

  4. Thanks Casey. I feel very jaded about my cubicle view....when I remember to pay attention to it I do feel awe.

    Hey and thanks for all the support at JMG! You're a doll.