Saturday, October 08, 2011

Hater Speaks at Hate Groups' Confab of Hate

There are plenty of other bloggers who enjoy watching every hateful, insane thing uttered by right-wing fundamentalist Christians and their various hate groups, and normally I'm not one for paying too much attention to every bit of hate speech they utter. It's nauseating and tediously repetitious. But here's a brief clip from Brian Fischer of the hate group American Family Association group making the concise point at today's Family Research Council-sponsored Value Voters Summit that the twin dangers of Islam and homosexuality are the worst things facing America today.

To my knowledge not a single Republican politician has explicitly distanced themselves from this single-minded focus on hatred as the unifying principle behind so-called "Values Voters" or social conservatives. It should be presumed that any politician who attended this conference with an aim other than denouncing it completely, including alleged moderate Mitt Romney whose religion has also been denounced by some of these same hate mongers, thinks it's okay to villify gays and Muslims in exchange for votes. What kind of country to they want to live in? Not the one I do. Shame on anyone who does not recognize this conference and every last social conservative it represents as being nothing but a modern-day Klan rally. Indeed while Mitt Romney has generalized about "poisonous language" from Fischer, he certainly didn't boycott the forum provided by people who share Fischer's views, and agrees with Fischer that gay Americans should be denied equal rights. All these groups with "Family" in their name prefer that gay people not be allowed to build loving families equal under the law. "Family" is their codeword for hatred of lesbians and gays.

Incidentally, the hate group FRC, organizers of today's summit, is run by Tony Perkins, who has given money to David Duke of the actual KKK as well as spoken to the white-racist Council of Conservative Citizens.

(Clip from Right Wing Watch via Gawker)


  1. this man and his ideologies are poisonous and ill-informed. you really should start a facebook link page to allow greater spreading of your writing and reporting.

  2. I'm always amazed that Fischer can make these sort of vile unqualified statements and it not cost the likes of the GOP speaking heads anything to associate openly with him. The fact that there's little fallout displays how normal animus against the gays and the Muslims are.

  3. @freebones. I do have some facebook friends who have signed up just to get updates on this blog. I'm pondering other ways of refining and expanding my audience. Thanks so much for being such a loyal reader.

    @gwhiz. Right? It's kind of shocking. I mean I wouldn't allow a visitor to my house to say such horrible things about real actual people I knew. You'd think there would be Republicans who would express some embarrassment or disdain.