Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today: Liberate Oakland!

Occupy Oakland, part of the Occupy Together/Occupy Wall Street/#OWS movement, in the aftermath of last week's outrageous repression, has taken the unprecedented step of organizing a General Strike for today in Oakland. I can't predict at this distance what will happen, but I've seen reports that labor activists — that means working people like you and me — are taking this very seriously and that a number of one-day wildcat protest strikes are likely. So much for a bunch of privileged spoiled hippies, eh?

See the inspired collection of organizing materials at Occupy Oakland's website. If I worked in Oakland I know I sure wouldn't be heading in to the office. If successful, and I define that as having a noticeable effect on the city and the news, this could be one of the most significant actions of the Occupy Together movement so far, and in fact one of the most significant actions of mass protest in years.

Some official chants for the strike action:
“Strike, Occupy, Shut it Down! Oakland is the People’s Town”
“Every Hour, Every Day! The occupation is here to stay!”
“Occupy Everything! Liberate Oakland”
“Politicians & Bankers, Liars & Thieves, We’re taking it back! We’re not saying please!”
“No more cops, we don’t need ‘em! All we want is total freedom”

Kasama has provided a post for reports of the day's action as they come in. #OWS puts the strike in the context of a month of global action.

It's all about sticking together. Shut down the 1%...even for a day! Occupy Everywhere!


  1. I do work in Oakland, but only occasionally. I'm off work today but looking forward to the solidarity sleepover, sponsored by the North Bay Labor Council at Occupy Santa Rosa. Join us on Friday night.

    I hear the port of Oakland is shut down.

  2. It seems Cops are starting to question too:

  3. @ Jon, let us know what happens at the sleepover.

    @ Jenny, I thought most of the comments on this Kasama post were right on target about the cops' "confusion":

  4. As a far away supporter of Gov. Brown and former mayor of Oakland, I wonder if he has issued any comments on Occupy Oakland?

    Do you California people know if the Governor has said anything in support?????

    AA - St. Louis, MO