Sunday, January 29, 2012

Repression Against Occupy Movement Continues

Watch this video that ends with firey explosions, loud bangs, military-looking cops and running protesters. Yemen? Syria? Egypt? Greece? Nope. Oakland, California, on Saturday. Several hundred people have been arrested.

There's a great account of what happened on Kasama: "For their first attempt at a kettle, the cops charged the group with police lines from the front and back. They ran towards us aggressively. Us being 1000+ peaceful marching protesters. The group was forced to move up a side street. The police moved quickly to surround the entire area; they formed a line on every street that the side street connected to. Police state status: very efficient. They kettled almost the entire protest in the park near the Fox theater. AFTERWARDS, as in after they surrounded everyone, they declared it to be an unlawful assembly BUT OFFERED NO EXIT ROUTE. Gas was used, could of been tear or smoke gas. The crowd then broke down a fence that was on one side of the kettle, and 1000 people ran across a field escaping a police kettle and embarrassing the entire police force. It was literally a massive jailbreak from a kettle. The group re-took Telegraph ave. and left the police way behind." Read the whole account.

I'm writing this while watching a livestream of a tense Sunday night solidarity march in New York's East Village that is being occasionally harassed by NYC cops.

It's amazing how the internet and social media has helped keep everything immediate and visible. The whole world is watching this unfold...we can see exactly what the forces of repression are up to.


  1. "Voice over PA: First stage removal. First stage removal. Streets prohibited to non-permits in one hour. Streets prohibited to non-permits in one hour."

    "You must evacuate the area. The scoops are on their way. The scoops are on their way! I repeat: The scoops are on their way."

    ~From Soylent Green {or was that something I overheard in Oakland}

  2. I hate it when SciFi comes true! Waiting for Monsanto to develop Soylent Green any minute now.