Friday, April 27, 2012

May Day Is Almost Here!

Saturday my local Occupy group, Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park, is going to hold an outdoor General Assembly in Sunset Park itself, instead of inside the church parlour we usually meet in. After the GA we'll be having a parranda, a kind of moving rally to build support for May Day action, down the main drag of the neighborhood. As the poster above shows, we have a full plan for May First, starting with a local march, and then a trip to Manhattan for the humungous city-wide rally and march starting in Union Square. Very excited about all of it, though I know the day after it will be time to take a deep breath and take a longer gaze ahead.

It's been an exciting month, and one of the things that surprises me is how despite the fact that I actually have quite a lot to say, I'm finding the responsibility of doing political organizing in the real world holds me back from casually engaging in too much story telling or polemicizing here. But as certain events unfold, the time will be right to present them here eventually.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me. What are YOU doing on May First?

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