Sunday, April 08, 2012

Next Weekend in Central Park: Spring Awakening 2012

"Spring Awakening 2012: Occupy New York City People's Assembly" is set for next weekend in New York City's Central Park. Full details are at the event's website here, and at their Facebook page here.

The event is in two parts, from 1pm to 3pm a open space gathering full of "soap boxing, teach-ins, music" and information/literature tables and blankets. The second half will be a facilitated assembly: a sort of rally that will break down into smaller groups to discuss strategy and planning for the Occupy movement in the upcoming period. It should be an interesting day, and it's not set as any kind of long-term occupation nor confrontation with authority so it should be our day in our space without the threat of state repression. A lot of folks from different Occupy groups and community and political organizations have been in on the planning. The Occupy group I've been participating in, Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park, should be representing.

See you there!

Full disclosure: I'm proud to say I've designed the flower-in-a-fist publicity materials for this event.

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