Sunday, October 14, 2012

Communism? Really? Yes, Really.

This audio-only clip is from a panel discussion at a conference held late last summer in Seattle called the "Everything for Everyone Festival." The speaker is Mike Ely, one of the people behind the Kasama Project, a revolutionary website which I have cited positively many times here on my blog and which I have also written for. The subject of the panel was "revolutionary strategy today," and the presentations of the other panelists — all great listening — can all be heard on the Kasama blog.

In this short presentation Ely argues for the renewed relevance of communism, that is, restating a process of revolutionary struggle toward a transformative goal, a radically egalitarian future that is not only desirable but possible. Ely calls for figuring out how to move beyond the failures of the left in the last century with creativity and determination. I find Ely's words inspiring and compelling. "Serve the People! Power to the People!"

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